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 Sao Vicente

 Markus (Guide)

Markus LeukelMarkus, 49 years old, originally from Germany, is livining in Mindelo since 2010. Besides of being a tour guide, he is very busy in the capeverdean music scene as a drummer and percussionist. By his own experience, he can tell you a lot about the differences and similarities between the european and kreol society. He has a vast knowledge about the Islands history, but far away from being too intellectual, he is a nature boy who loves to do hiking on the Islands historical donkey tracks. If you want to have a deep insight into the capeverdean music, culture and history, he ist the man!

Santo Antao


HettyHenriette Guddens, known as Hetty, born in the netherlands, half Dutch, half Cape-Verdean now living on the Island of Santo Antao, Coculi, is a very nice, spontaneous and wonderful tour guide. Very proud of being a Cape-Verdean decided to leave Holland and life in Cabo Verde. Explains like no other about Cape Verde, history, culture, lifetyle and hikes - you name the topic and she is ready for it. She loves being around people, animals, plants and is a proud mum of an adorable little boy... a wonderful singer, someone great to be around with!! She will be looking forward for doing a tour with you.




Ailton Silva, 34 years old, kown as Vice, originally from the island Santo Antao - Ribeira Grande, is a very nice and wonderful tour guide. With his dread locks looking like the Cape-Verdean Bob Marley, he will show you all around Santo Antao. Big hikes, small hikes, you Name it! He knows Santo Antao from one side to the other. He has a big knowledge of the edemic plants an Santo Antao, loves showing people around and explains with passion about his country.




I was born and raised in the middle of a simple, but very amiable family on the countryside of Paul valley. I can only say that i had the best childhood I could have.

Charging and inspiring myself in nature, respecting people and always trying to help them, valorizing and making good things in life and society, be present and continuously growing, be spontaneous and always positive energy with me... THIS IS ME!








 "Tutu" (Bartholomaeu Resende)Tutu

I like my work as a guide, as it gives me a chance to meet people from different cultures and show  them a piece of my homeland Santiago. Walk with me through the Serra Malagueta, visit the oldest church in Cidade
Santiago or relax on the white sandy beach in Tarrafal.
I am happy to show you the variety of Santiago!






Born in Brava, called the flowerisland, I followed my family to the USA with the age of 4. There I spend my childhood and youth till I came back to my roots to Cabo Verde. Meanwhile I am 38 years old and working since many years as a local guide in Santiago. I am looking forward to explore and show guests from different countries the biggest island of the archipelago.











He is a 37 years old guide, born in Angola, who lives on Santiago island. He started his professional career by attending a tourism school and since 2013 he is working for vista verde tours.
When he is not showing tourists the highlights of Santiago, he spends his day by watching movies and doing sports.
If you stay on Santiago, you can visit with him his favourite places on the island like the capital Praia or the national park Serra Malagueta.








Pula"Pula" (Jacinto Napoleao Rodrigues)

Already as a teenager I discovered my passion for sports and hiking. After finishing my career as a professional boxer, vista verde tours gave me the opportunity to start working with them as tour guide. Ever since I have been enjoying working with guests from so many foreign countries and I look forward to welcoming you on Santiago.





Helder"Helder" (Carlos Montrond)

Fogo and its Vulcano are two terms, which absolutely belongs together. Discover with me the fascinated vulcanic landscape, the ascent of the big vulcano "Pico Grande" or São Filipe, the charming Capital of Fogo. I have been living at the Cha das Caldeiras for a couple of years and I am glad to tell you everythign about the Capeverdean agriculture, winegrowing and my life as a guide.






 Guide  "Cecilio" (Carlos Alberto Montrond)

Everybody calls me Cecilio, but my birth name is  Carlos. I also grew up in the Caldeira. For a short time I have been living abroad, but quickly realized that Fogo is my home. After the last volcanic eruption in 2014, I also moved back directly into the crater landscape. I am glad to show you my island and of course the volcano.










Guide Carlos FernandesCarlos

My name is Carlos, I am 46 years old. Born and grown up on Fogo I had the feeling to leave. I have been living for 20 years in the United States of America and just came back a few years ago. Now I like to accompany you on your excursions and hikes here on Fogo.















Guide Paulo Teixeira

I am called Paulo, born 36 years ago in the Caldeira. In addition to working as a guide, I also support geologists / volcanologists in monitoring our volcano. I look forward to seeing you on my island!
















Guide "Rozy" (Nuias Ribeiro) Rozy

Nuias is my name, but you can call me Rozy. 30 years old, born and grew up at the foot of the volcano. I look forward to accompanying you not only to the Pico do Fogo but also to show you the hidden treasures of the island.












Guide "Zeze" (Manuel Montrond)

Zeze I am called, but actually my name is Manuel. I am 34 years old. Together with my brother Cecilio I grew up in the Caldeira and never left. For me it is always a pleasure to show guests the hidden ways over and under the lava.













Guide "Nezito"

Nezito, 31 years old, has always lived on Fogo. This is the place where his heart belongs. So family and friends are really important for him. He started his career as a guide really early. Already at the age of 15 he has guided guest through the area of Cha das Caldeiras and the volcano. Get to know him personally and discover your love for Fogo.










ImaGuide "Ima"

My name is Ima and I'm 35 years old. I've lived a couple of years in the USA, currently I call Mosteiros on Fogo my home. This is the place where the coffee grows. Come and try with me one of the world best coffees. I am looking forward to show you my island.




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