Our target is to combine different activities with cultural exchange, recovery and intensive natural experiences. An important aspect of our program is contact with the local inhabitants to get to know their everyday life. Private accommodations, a 'Funana' dancing class or the possibility to help local farmers with their sugar cane harvest can be part of making your travel on the archipelago extraordinary.

We are trying the best, to make your stay on Cape Verde as remarkable and memorable as possible. Cape Verdean and European colleagues assist to introduce our guests to an amazing Cape Verde experience. Our vision is to endow Cape Verde a new opportunity with the increase in tourism activity.

As a responsible travel-agent we endorse social and ecological tourism. We travel in small groups, support locally based development projects by doing activities on site and select our partners carefully. Part of our income supports the domestic population as well as sustaining the nature and general development of the beautiful Cape Verde islands.


We invite you to use our experience as a local travel professional!

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