Our partners in Europe

Since 2002 we have been partner for Cape Verde of the German well-respected weekly newspaper DIE ZEIT.


Amongst others vista verde tours is destination management company and partner of the following tour operators:



OLIMAR (Germany)

Wikinger Reisen (Germany)

Ravenala Touristik (Germany)

Imbach Reisen (Switzerland)

Ad Gentes (Belgium)

Jesper Hannibal (Denmark)

Svante Rejser (Denmark)

New Experience (Great Britain)

Untamed Travelling (Netherlands)

In the last few years we supported numerous film crews, journalists and editors with their shootings and researchs, for example:

Hessischer Rundfunk (GER)

BRIGITTE - das Frauenmagazin (journal 24/04) (GER)

ARTE ("Über die Inseln Afrikas") (GER; F)

Saarländischer Rundfunk (GER)

ZDF Reiselust (GER)

Spiegel Online (GER)

Bradt Guide Book (UK)

Dumont Reisefüherer (GER)

Kitchen Impossible/ Endemol Production (GER)

eWalk (GER)

3 op Reis (NL)

Rohan Fashion (UK)

or Cape Verde
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