On February 25th 2015 vista verde tours has been certified as an officially approved and listed TourCert agency for sustainability. Since the founding in 2005 we pursue the aim to act socially acceptable and sustainable on the Cape Verdean Islands which is not always undemanding. The approval motivates us to continue heading down this avenue. Our biggest challenge is the proactive support we give to our service partners, such as hotels and restaurants to develop a sustainable thinking. Also within our offices of vista verde tours we work constantly to achieve this goal. We are very glad having received this acknowledgement.



In general vista verde tours offers high quality tours that combine authentic experiences with the best service possible. Our concept of travelling is based on ecologically and socially responsible tourism that is economically viable. Sustainable travel, in the simplest term, aims to create more positive than negative impacts in order to ensure that the destinations we enjoy today can also be enjoyed by the next generation.

The following aspects describe main characteristics of our tours. These characteristics correspond exactly with our and our clients’ desired “way of travelling”.



An emphasis of our tours is on interesting encounters with the local population. We want our guests to gain authentic insights into the local everyday life. This can be a stop at a local bar, a look at the workstation of a woodcarver or a visit of an ecological or social project. Our well trained local guides act as a cultural interpreter and bring your destination’s culture into familiar contexts for the guests.

Promoting socially sustainable tourism means that not only the guests but also the people in the destination benefit from tourism. In order to spread financial profits in the destination, we rather visit or suggest local restaurants than big tourist-locations, if there are meals outside the hotels.



Vista verde tours is promoting an ecologically sustainable tourism. Most of our clients are ecologically aware and familiar with environmental friendly habits. We pay attention to this topic throughout the tour by demonstrating cautious, ethical and environmentally aware behaviour:

  • A specific example is to ensure that our drivers turns off the engine of his vehicle whenever possible.
  • We refrain from off-road drives especially in national parks to avoid vegetation damage.
  • We discourage people from wandering off the track to reduce physical impact on the site.
  • Furthermore, we handle the issue of garbage carefully. In nature you try to leave no traces of your visit behind. We try to avoid plastic and unnecessary wrappings where possible.





Support of the affected people due to the volcano eruption on November 23rd of 2014 on the island of Fogo


On Sunday morning, 11/23/2014, there was a devastating volcanic eruption on the island of Fogo. Within the crater of Chã das Caldeiras, along a line southwest of Pico do Fogo, the young, steep volcano in the middle of the caldeira, explosions have been recorded at up to four conveyor chimneys, including Pico Pequeno. The flowing lava destroyed most of the farmland and the two villages of Portela and Bangaeira. All inhabitants (approx. 1000) had been evacuated on time; however they have lost their entire belongings, houses and farmland. The former residents of Chã das Caldeiras are mainly allocated in the 4 evacuation centres Achada Furna, Mosteiros, Monte Grande and São Filipe. The necessary initial treatments and actions worked out well given the circumstances. Now it is time to give the people new prospects for the future. Our project idea to support the affected people has the objective to accompany them in their new beginning and support them in the long-term perspective. We mainly want to provide psychosocial support and undertake consulting activity, as in our opinion there is lack of local government and non-governmental organizations regarding funds and subsidies.


For more information about our project idea and how you can support us you can find here:

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