Health - Cape Verde travel advice
Health and immunization

Cape Verde has relatively good health care and does not have contagious or endemic diseases despite its proximity to the African continent. Because of this there are no immunizations required for the journey. General prophylactic measures against the polio and tetanus virus are recommended. Ask your family doctor if a new immunization is necessary.


Visitors should bring a first-aid kit with supplies for upset stomach, diahrea, mosquito repellent as well as sun tan lotion. The islands are close to the equator and the sun is often intense. Take extra care to prevent sun burn during the first few days of your trip. Bring enough sun tan lotion from home as it is not easy to buy it on the islands (Carry sun tan lotion that is no less than 20 SPF.).


Tap water should be boiled before use. Supermarkets, restaurants and hotels sell drinking water. The traditional Cape Verdean dishes consist mostly of fish (or in the back country of chicken) with rice, beans and some vegetables known in Europe (cabbage, carrots, potatoes, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, pumpkin, etc.). By experience these dishes are all very good but caution should be exercised with meat like steak or fish carpaccio, which are though mostly selled in touristic restaurants.

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