Safety and security
Cape Verde are a very secure holiday destination

The archipelago is one of the most secure African holiday destinations and even one of the most secure in the world. The crime rate is low.  Nevertheless it is recommended to follow the common safety measures. Look after your bag, purse or wallet, eye-catching jewellery and your camera, to avoid a theft. Prefer a taxi in the darkness e prevent lonely beaches. There are no dangerous animals such as snakes or scorpions.


Socio-politically speaking the country is characterized as very stable and a secure location for social freedoms. Since 1975 the government and population have reached levels of considerable development in nearly all aspects of daily life (i.e. health, education etc.). Catholics make up 95 percent of the population; the remaining 4% are spread out to different churches from the United States, Anglican Churches or believe in natural religions. Conflicts which may arise due to religious beliefs do not exist here!

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