Brava Island - Cape Verde
The Wild Island

Impressing landscapes on the "flowerisland". Brava - the most afield island of the archipelago.

Covering only 64 km², Brava is the smallest of the Cape Verde islands. It is located in the southwest corner of the archipelago. For the approximately 6,000 inhabitants it is the most beautiful island, the treasure of Cape Verde. The jagged inland and coast are a visible indication of its volcanic past. Terrific mountains are complemented by its remote beaches. Brava is often very foggy, which is responsible for its fresh and green appearance. The magnificent flowers and plants of Brava reflect this lush opulence. In some places the undulating landscape is almost reminiscent of some regions of southern Europe.

The peaceful coastal city Faja d'AGua, as well as the main city Vila Nova Sintra, are await the intrepid traveler. Many inhabitants of Brava speak English, as they have spent a part of their lives in the USA. The ferry connection from Fogo is at the moment regular, but any visitors should be awared to remain flexible. The airport closed some years ago.

Fontainhas WanderungThe "Wild"is amazing through her nature and plateaus, which are great for hiking tours.!

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