Maio Island - Cape Verde
The White Pearl

Bright endless sandy beaches invite you to swim.

The small island Maio encompasses only 269 km² and was formed by intense erosion. The bright little town Porto Ingles with its broad salines, villages and lonesome desert landscapes, white long beaches and the hospitality of its 5,000 inhabitants will make your stay calm and very relaxing.

In the main town of Vila de Maio with its beautiful colonial buildings time seems to have stood still. Due to reforestation the flat island now has some huge forests of acacia. During the summer ocean turtles lay their eggs at Praia de Galeao. In Maio there exist especially indigenous pensions, where guests can witness the daily work of locals.

Akazienwälder im InselinnernMaio, inside the island more or less without any vegetation, has again a small but sustainable forestry. Through this reforestation, soil and water conservation, and building a better infrastructure shall the people's life become easier. The special thing about: Acacia survive for years without water! The acacia forest distinguish Maio from the other two desert islands Sal and Boa Vista!

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