Sal Island - Cape Verde
Paradise of Beaches and Surfing

Sal: Beach – sand – sun

That is all you have to know about Sal. Few wild animals live on Sal. This island is very flat, sandy and lashed by wind with hardly any vegetation. The highest point of the island tops out at 406 meters. The most important towns are the capital Espargos and the tourist centre Santa Maria in the South. The rest of the island is hardly inhabited.

Sal, with its fine, white sand and the clear, turquoise water is a paradise for water athletes (divers, kite and wind surfers for example) and for sunbather as well. The mild climate, the agreeable water temperatures and the clean air invite the traveler to spend some days on this relaxing island. The only treasure Sal had in the past was salt - this is where the name Sal comes from. Pedra Lume, a salt flat, is always worth a visit.

Baden in der SalineOf mountains unhindered blowing on Sal is a very durable, strong north-easterly wind. Several surf schools offer a good quality and large selection of boards and sailing, as well as professional care. The high salt concentration in the Saline Basin in Pedra de Lume makes a swim in the Dead Sea as possible!


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