São Nicolau Island - Cape Verde
The Island
of Poets
and Thinkers

São Nicolau – nature pure!

São Nicolau is right in the middle of the Northern Islands. When the weather is good all other islands can be seen from the peak of the Monte Gordo. Its volcanic origins are observable in the jagged surface and many narrow valleys that cross the heartland. The hospitable inhabitants live on agriculture and tuna processing.

One says that the origin of the Cape Verde lays in São Nicolau. In the 19th and 20th century there was a priest seminar in the main town Vila da Ribeira Brava which fomented the cultural evolution. Today the town's positive atmosphere is reflected by pastel coloured houses, wonderful locations and gardens, narrow alleys and winding streets. The southern and the eastern part of the island are rather sparsely populated. There are many possibilities for hiking tours, such as those through the bizarre mountain landscapes of Cachaco and Cabecalhinha.

Ribera Brava

The main town of Sao Nicolau, Riberia Brava was declared to the seat of the priests in 1780. Beside the small church was the priest seminar Seminário de São José founded, which prepared the students for their work in church and state.

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