São Vicente Island - Cape Verde
with the Musical Metropolis Mindelo

Mindelo – Musical Metropolis on Sao Vicente!

São Vicente is the second most populated island. Mindelo, a city with a long tradition as a harbour and known for its open hearted, friendly people, is the cultural centre of Cape Verde and the clandestine capital of the islands. The centre of Mindelo is picturesque and influenced by the Portuguese as well as by the English. Mindelo´s old traditions as a trade city give it an open and exciting flair. A lively fish market, wonderful places, middle-class houses from the 19th century, a fortress and music everywhere make every visit a special experience. The artist scene of Cape Verde is well represented in Mindelo. In November 2002 Mindelo was elected as the cultural capital of all Portuguese speaking countries. The internationally famous singer Cesária Évora lives in Mindelo. Every February carnival is celebrated like those held in Brazil.

The island itself is relatively flat and the highest point is the mountain Monte Verde at 774 meters. If the weather is clear you will have a wonderful view over the whole island. Volcanism and erosion affect the island's landscape. São Vicente is dry like a desert, the needed water comes from desalination plants which turn sea water into potable water.

Beautiful beaches, like Praia do São Pedro, invite locals and visitors, especially on the weekends. There are many other wonderful beaches like the Praia Grande and the Baia das Gatas on the eastern coast.

Gitarrenwerkstatt in Mindelo

Luis Baptista is the owner of a factory for string instruments and a guitar school in Mindelo. The name Baptista is well known in the city: Luis' father, Joao Baptista Fonseca was a famous constructing engineer for guitars and other sting instruments.
"He was using unknown materials and developed new technologies" explains Luis "How we are working today goes back to him."!

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