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Travel with us to the islands where the summer lasts 365 days and we promise you a program that will appeal to your senses. Journeys in small groups for explorers, Cultural diversity on Santiago, Sahara in the Atlantic Ocean on Boa Vista, Flower island Brava, Vulcanic island Fogo, hikes, interchanges, private accommodations,  nice hotels and many more.

Beautiful Cabo Verde (Cape Verde Islands) - A holiday with many attractions

10 YEARS VISTA VERDE TOURS - Watch our anniversary video  about the islands!


vista verde tours is a Cape Verdean incoming agency run by German management. Our strength is combined in high quality and exciting travel programmes for groups and individual tourists. vista verde tours is a responsible and involved travel company and follows the rules of a social- and sustainable tourism. We travel in small groups, support local development projects with our activities and choose our partners on spot very carefully.


Cape Verde Island are a treasure for those who are looking for spectacular landscapes, multifaceted nature, lonely beaches and extremely hospitable inhabitants. Our programmes are focussed on insight views of culture, recovery, meetings with locals and different activities with a choice of different difficult levels.


Hiking adventures - sailing trips from island to island - meeting of Capverdians - relaxation on deserted beaches - cultural insight views in music, art and culinaries - visit of projects - manifold offers for water sports


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Let yourself filled with enthusiasm by the magic and the variety of the islands. The scenic beauty, the versatility of the individual islands: Desert and tropical woods, volcanic mountains and miles long beaches, colonial buildings and an alive music scene. Every island is a little world for herself and has to offer something special.

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